Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T

KINGDOM TILE ADHESIVE C1T  cement-based thin or thick bed adhesive. Suitable for fixing Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles to floor and wall, dry or wet, and interior area. For fixing Vitrified Homogeneous Tiles, Porcelain, Marble, Granites, Terrazzo, Decorative Stones etc.

Technical Data

Specific Gravity1.60 g/cm
pH of Mix10-11
Dry Solid Content100%
Shelf Life12 month
Toxicity HazardNo
Bed Thickness3-6 mm
Mix Ratio1 part water: 4 part of Tile Adhesive C1T
Pot Life (Working Time)3-4 hours at 25°C
Application TemperatureAbove 5°C – 50°C
Open TimeApprox 15 – 20 minutes
Adjustability TimeApprox 10 minutes at 25°C
Setting Time24 Hours
Temperature resistance100°C
Frost resistance-5°C
Resistance to acidsFair
Resistance to alkalisFair
Resistance to oil& solventsFair
Damp ResistanceFair
Tensile adhesion strength (28 days)0.85 – 0.99 N/mm2
Shear Adhesion Strength20 kN
Flexural Strength5 – 6 N/mm2
Compressive Strength (28 days)10 – 11 N/mm2

Application Instruction

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T

Step 1
Pour clear water into the tray.

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T

Step 2
Add Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T to clear water at a ratio of 4 parts of Tile Adhesive C1T to 1 parts of water.

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T

Step 3
Mix thoroughly until a smooth consistency compound is achieved. Avoid mixture with the residue of older bathes.

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T

Step 4
Spread adhesive to the substrate at bed thickness 3-6mm with a suitable trowel.Promptly fix tile onto adhesive bed. Allow set for 24 hours

General Performance

The set adhesive is water resistant, is a thin or thick bed adhesive used normally at 3-6 mm bed thickness, but up to 12 mm for small isolated, uneven areas of limited extent. Requires mixing with water only unless special conditions where latex admixture must be used.

Not recommended for use on skim coat plaster, paint and metal.

Application Instruction

ConcreteMust be aged for 6 weeks. Direct fixing onto concrete may be taken provided the surface is flat or true, well cured and free of contamination.Surface primer is required for direct fixing.
Brick WallMust be aged for 4 weeks and leveled with cement sand mortar (Render) prior to fixing tiles.
Lightweight concrete blockMust be aged for 4 weeks and leveled with cement sand mortar (Render) prior to fixing tiles.
Cement sand Render & ScreedAllow new cement-sand render or screed to cure for 2-3 weeks, before fixing tiles. The rendering or screeding mortar mix should ideally be 1 part cement ; 3-4 part of sand by volume.
Building BoardsBuilding board such as plywood, cement fibre board, chipboard etc. must be used adequately braced to provide a sound / rigid substrate.

Installation Procedure

• Substrate must be dry, sound, flat/true & free of contaminants.
• Ceramix Tiles are to be fix dry. Do not soak in water.
• Mix Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T with water (or latex admixture). Mechanical mixing recommended.
• The mixing ratio is 1 part of water to 4 parts of Tile Adhesive C1T.
• Spread adhesive to the substrate at bed thickness of 3-6 mm with suitable notched trowel.
• Promptly fix tiles onto adhesive bed, followed by slight twisting action to ensure good contact ie, Solid Bed Fixing.
• Allocate joint of approx. 2-3 mm wide between tiles.
• Remove surplus adhesive from tile surface and joints before it hardens.
• Allow to set for 24 hours; before grouting commences.


At 3mm bed Thickness is approx 3 kg/m2.
At 6mm bed Thickness is approx 6 kg/m2.

Health & Safety

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T is not hazardous based on the major compound. However, we do recommend workers shall use safety equipment where necessary. In case of eye contact, immediately hold eyelids apart and flush eye continuously with running water. Get medical aid immediately when necessary.

Note: The information about applications and suggestions for use is based on practical experience. As due to various site conditions and unable to control the applications, therefore no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss and damage as this data sheet is for general guidance only.

Note: PMIX reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.