Kingdom Paper Joint Tape

Kingdom Paper Joint Tape  is manufactured from special fibre paper, with added tensile strength to help prevent tearing wrinkling, or stretching and has spark perforation and chamfered edges to reduce the risk of bubbling or blistering. Paper Tape is super strong both wet and dry.

Kingdom Paper Joint Tape designed for use with Kingdom multipurpose ready-mix joint compound to conceal and reinforce gypsum board joints and corners prior to painting, texturing and wallpapering. It can be used on ceiling system and drywall system.


  1. Provide joint strength and crack resistant to drywall and ceiling joint.
  2. Tape is roughed on both sides for superior bonding and holding power.
  3. Easy to apply

50mm x 150m

Health & Safety

Note: The information about applications and suggestions for use is based on practical experience. As due to various site conditions and unable to control the applications, therefore no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss and damage as this data sheet is for general guidance only.

Note: Kingdom reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.