Kingdom Fine Grout

Used to fill the joints of mosaic, ceramic and other similar tiles.


• Durable, compressible and good bonding strength.
• Suitable for interior and exterior
• Suitable for grouting or pointing joints up to 3mm wide.

Net Weight20kg & 25kg
SizeWhite and Grey

General Perfomance

The set grout is durable, compressible and water resistant but not impervious to water. Kingdom Fine Grout is suitable for grounding or pointing joints up to 15mm wide. It is not suitable to use on soft glaze decorative ceramic wall tiles, as it may scratch the tiles glaze.

Require mixing with clean water only. However can also be used with Latex Admixture to enhance its physical properties ie: flexibility, improve adhesion, increase durability and minimizes efflorescence

Application Instruction

  • During tiling allocate minimum joints of 2mm wide for wall tiling & 3mm wide for floor tiling
  • Allow adhesive bed to set 24hours before grounting commences
  • Ensure that joins are dry, clean or free of contaminants
  • Mix fine grout with clean water as per the recommended mix ratio
  • Apply grout into joints using a grout float/rubber squeegee, ensuring joints are fully compacted with grouting mortar
  • Apply to small areas at the time; and clean excess or residue grout promptly using a damp cloth or sponge; before it dries out.
  • When grout is sufficently frim, polish tile surface with a clean dry cloth to removew grout file/haze
  • Allow grout to set for 24-48 hours
Kingdom Fine Grout
Kingdom Fine Grout
Kingdom Fine Grout
Kingdom Fine Grout
Kingdom Fine Grout

Mising Ratio

1 part water : 2.8 part of Kingdom Fine Grout Description


Joint width 3mm, Approx. Coverage 1kg/m²
Joint width 2mm, Approx. Coverage 1.3kg/m²

Health & Safety

Kingdom Tile Adhesive C1T is not hazardous based on the major compound. However, we do recommend workers shall use safety equipment where necessary. In case of eye contact, immediately hold eyelids apart and flush eye continuously with running water. Get medical aid immediately when necessary.

Note: The information about applications and suggestions for use is based on practical experience. As due to various site conditions and unable to control the applications, therefore no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss and damage as this data sheet is for general guidance only.

Note: PMIX reserve the rights to revise any data without prior notice.