Kingdom Jointing Compound (Cement Board)

KINGDOM JOINTING COMPOUND (Cement Board) is a high performance, water-based acrylic paste that exhibits minimal shrinkage & excellent adhesion to cement substrates. Its flexible nature and ease of workability provides you with a crack-free and smooth finish application.

It is also used to cover embedded fastener points and to level any minor irregularities or blemishes on surfaces. The delicate nature of the compound gives it a creamy & smooth texture that can be easily spread by hand and mechanical tools with zero or minimum sanding required after it hardens.

Feature & Benefits

• Easy to handle
• 100% water-based acrylic
• Fills up to 2 mm blemishes
• Fast, efficient application
• Flexible, minimal shrinkage, easy clean up
• Gives smooth surface
• Forms very durable exterior patching material